Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Three Dog Days

Despite the recent snowfall, spring has arrived in middle Tennessee.  The tender, soft green blades of grass have transformed the brown fields to a whispery green carpet, and the spring onion shoots are dotted around in lawn and field like so many exclamation points.  The daffodils are in bloom and the trees are beginning to bud out.  I love this time of year!

Even so, I am going to miss my winter walks with my three companions, Darby, Chloe, and Ladybug.  The fields and woods are beautiful in winter.  The grasses have died back and you can really see the lay of the land and any interesting sights that were hidden from view all summer. Because the trees are bare, you can see a long way into other fields that are usually hidden from view.  We have a hollow in one corner of the pasture, under a large fallen tree, that is cozy to walk in; and if it's windy, it offers shelter from the wind.  It's really quite a delightful winter walk, and it's great fun having my three girls with me.

Each day, whether to let Hugo out or bring Hugo in, it is always the great doggie adventure to go up to the back field.  The first order of their business is to check the culvert pipe for any possible rodents and go bark at Soda Pop.  Since Soda sneaks in the yard to eat my roses, I let them bark.  After Hugo has been situated, we walk the fence line.  I gather stray branches and make sure the fence is still secure while the three girls run and sniff out all the same places. The most interesting spot is where Chloe once apprehended a mole, and that spot must always be checked, for who knows? the mole's family may be there.  After the we've finished our walk and are ready to shut the back gate, they must all go take their drinks at the water trough where I keep an overflow bucket for the cats.  Oh, how they love this daily routine and how I love watching them.  Darby especially loves the cold weather and she romps and runs and throws out her front paws beautifully.  She is a gorgeous mover.  And always she is looking for something to play fetch with.  Chloe gallumps along like the huge dog she is, reminding me of a draft horse at play.  Ladybug is easily distracted by any small thing, and when she realizes she must catch up, runs so fast that I don't know how her feet are hitting the ground.  As we make our walk, it seems to me to be a Three Dog Day.  Quite a nice spot in the day.  Someday, if I can get them all to stay still together, I'll post a photo.  Til then, the winter scene will have to do.