Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fun in Franklin Town

This has been a week for having fun!  Birthdays, garden days, barn days, school days, snow days; meeting friends, watching movies, drinking coffee, pubbing and festival-frolicking!
We received 5 inches of snow!  The first real snow around these parts in quite some time.  And just the week before, it was in the 70's and we spent the day outside working up flower and veggie beds.
Franklin celebrates St.Paddy's day with an Irish Feile - so, naturally we go to the pub - again, where there is good food, good drink, and friends to be met.  And we don't even have to go to Boston!

       Little Miss Bea joins the girls for lunch.

                        It's HIS birthday!  No, it's HIS birthday!!
                              Someone turned FORTY!!!!!

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