Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gilbert's Happy Birthday

Last week our dear Gilbert turned two years old!  Of course, Nana and Papa had to go help to celebrate the big event, and it was lots of fun for all.  However, when you're only two, it's not easy to comprehend the import of a party that's all about you.  (Even though toddler-think is "all about me.")  When it came time for the ceremony of cake, candles, and singing "Happy Birthday" Gilbert had a lot to wonder about!
Once those formalities were done, though, and it was time to eat cake, well... that's pretty comprehendible!  
Daddy helped Gilbert open the presents that all his friends brought him.

Since Gilbert has loved watching Daddy mow the lawn, Nana and Papa gave him his own lawnmower so he can mow, too.  To Nana and Papa's delight, Gilbert loved his lawnmower and mows all over the house and yard.  It makes lots of noise, too.  This is sometimes known as "Grandparents' Revenge."  

The Come-back Kids

Today was the Country Music Marathon/Half-Marathon, and these two gentlemen ran the Half in very admirable times.  This is pretty cool in itself, but what's really cool is that these two spent a good portion of the past several months dealing with surgeries, therapies and treatments, but God has blessed them with good recoveries.  Really good, I'd say, if they ran 13.1 miles!  Way to go, guys!  And by the way, they weren't running only for themselves, but as a part of the King's Meadow Endurance Team who is raising funds for New College Franklin.  You can check it out at
                   John comes in with after a strong finish.

               George is obviously pleased with his run.