Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Republic of Texas

There are some of us who've known all along that there really IS a Republic of Texas, even if it exists only in hearts and minds.  But, now we die-hard Texans can rest assured that there really is a Republic of Texas.  Really.  Land, and everything.  It's small (if anything in Texas can be small), but it's there!
According to the marker below, as early as the beginning of the 18th Century, Spain and France were fighting over Texas.  (Who wouldn't?)  When the young United States bought the Louisiana Territory in 1803, the Texas border was still in dispute, so leaders agreed to a neutral area between the Hondo Arroyo and the Sabine River.  In 1836, when Texas won its independence from Mexico and became a Republic, it appointed a joint commission with the U.S. to define the border.  Granite markers were set up, and this is the only known marker remaining.  It is also the only international border marker within the U.S.   In fact, when my uncle drove next to this marker in his work vehicle while inspecting pipeline, the truck's GPS sent a signal to the home office that he had left the country!
Does this mean that Patrick is the current President of the Republic of Texas?
And finally, while we are confirming facts of the past and present, we must also consider the Jackaloupe.  Here's one "in the flesh".  How could you possibly doubt its existence?
Many thanks to family - who was having way too much fun on the Texas-Louisiana border - for these fun photos.