Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nana's Smile

I just returned from a great road trip with Mama and Paula.  They flew here from the Great State and we all drove the 13 hours out to New Bern to visit with Eric and Kelly, and then on to Virginia to visit my Uncle Ray, Aunt Ginny, 1st cousins once-removed Sean and Jackie and their darling daughter, Taylor.  I guess officially she's a 1st cousin twice removed.  We just call everyone "cousins" and she just calls everyone "aunts".  It's easier that way.  The child has more "aunts" and "uncles" than one could ever hope for, and she's blessed with lots of Papas, too:  her actual Papa, her Grand-papas, and her Great-grand-papas.  What we all miss for Taylor, though, are her Nanas.  
I only knew one of Taylor's Nanas, and I knew her from babyhood . . . my beautiful cousin, Cindy.  Cindy went home to her Heavenly Father one year ago after a long battle with ovarian cancer.  We all miss Cindy terribly, but there is one special thing that Cindy left behind, and that's her smile.  I found it in Taylor, and it's alive and sparkling as ever.