Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just Braggin'


Growing up in South Texas afforded the not-so-usual seasonal delights.  In autumn, the leaves didn't turn bright orange, gold, or red.  They just eventually turned brown and fell off shortly before the tree was ready to bud again.  But, oh, those clear, cool days of fall and winter when all the smells of the earth and trees were sharp, and the bay was the most gorgeous, placid blue green.  On especially calm, clear days the horizon between water and sky was lost, melted into one another.  

And in springtime there were no daffodils or crocuses poking up through the barely-warmed earth.   But, there were Buttercups!  My sister and I loved Buttercups.  They were one of the first harbingers of south Texas springtime - the first of oceans of prairie-grass and coastal flowers yet to bloom.  We were delighted by their daintyness, by the fragile pink cup of buttery gold which brushed off on our noses and chins.  A perfect flower for little girls.  

All these lovely memories of early spring, came to me via the photographs you see here, taken by a cousin.  I hope you enjoy them, too.