Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pretty Squirrely

Now we know what to do with those old G.I. Joe's!  I 'borrowed' this from a family member's blog - just couldn't resist!  It really cracks me up, but I love Far Side cartoons, too.


Anna said...

I've seen this photo earlier but it is so funny - and funnier still juxtaposed amidst the profound praises to God you offer when speaking of nature's beauty and God's magnificence! For those who don't know, you ARE real people! Anxious to see you in south Texas next week.

Love, AA

Linda said...

My Christianity is definitely not dualistic - at least I very much hope not! There is a LOT of irony in nature, in creation, and therefore I believe, a lot of irony in our Creator. After all, He sent His Son - through whom all things were created and hold together - to be born the weakest of humanity in a lowly barn, so that He could redeem all of mankind. How ironic was that?