Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Evening in May

I can think of nothing nicer than to share this honeysuckle-scented evening with you.

The Thomas Affleck rose has just burst into bloom.

Dwarf Foxglove and Pincushion Flower.

The valley beyond.

Pretty pink Bright Eye looks down the walk.

Our newest rose, Lavender Lassie, overlooks Ladybug while she overlooks who-knows-what. Lavender Lassie will eventually grow to 20+ feet!

As they say here in Tennessee, "Come and set awhile!"

I was SO delighted to get this picture of such fun symmetry! Tweety (in the middle) looks like he's giving the game plan to the rest of the team.

Still chatting.



Bonnie said...

What an invitation in photos!!
Loved the very last one.
Your flowers are gorgeous and the porch is very, very inviting!
Hope to see Kelly next week as she comes to see Elisabeth's new baby and K&P are in town.

tt said...

Nice, almost like strolling thru the yard with you. :o)