Monday, May 10, 2010

Backyard Waterways

It's been a week now since Nashville and surrounding areas flooded. The waters have receded for the most part, and as they did, more unfortunate souls were found - even as of yesterday. At this point the death toll from the storm, which included a tornado, is at 31. This disaster was largely ignored by the Media, but over the weekend it leaked out here and there and today the Administration has sent 2 representatives to Nashville to take a look at things.

We Middle Tennesseans however, have not been sitting around waiting for the government to come pick us up. Volunteers of all types have sprung into action and needs are being met. Neighborhood after neighborhood has been taking care of its own. THAT'S how it's done! Kudos to Middle Tennesseans!

Our own clean-up is finished: rock (as much as could be found) put back in the driveway, debris and trash picked up, mud cleaned out from the barns. We've begun collecting things for a church in Nashville that lost everything, and the many clothes from our yard sale have made for a good start.

Continuing the photo tour, I'd like to show you what happened in the back yard while a river roared through the front.
Our back yard is at the foot of a hill, and even then it continues sloping downward to the road and valley bottom. All that rain came down in three areas from the hill - one just behind the house, the other right into the back yard, and the other through the garden and large dog run. That last one was one giant, flowing sheet of water.

Here it comes from behind the house. I tried protecting my recently planted herbs with the pine straw bales, but it was gutted anyway. At least 3" of soil washed away as did a few herbs. I found them, though, and replanted. It looks like they're going to make it.
Here the water continues on and is joined by the 2nd course of water flowing down the hill. It came down right to the base of the tree. Several inches of dirt and grass were washed away from the tree trunk base. At one point, the water came within 1 1/2 feet of our back door and we thought we might have to barricade it somehow, but that didn't happen.
The water flows on around the corner ...
... under the bridge ...
... and out the other side.
Here you can see that sheet of water as it courses through the dog run and on down into the front field.
Mind you, we don't have a creek here - usually.
It would have all been quite pretty had it not been so destructive, most of all for other people.

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