Friday, May 22, 2009


Commend - to entrust; to commit to one's charge; to mention as worthy of attention; to express approval of; praise.
Commence - to begin; start; originate.
Commencement - the act or time of commencing.
On May 9th, we had the privilege and blessing of watching our son, Justin, walk across the stage to receive his diploma from Covenant College.  He graduated with a degree in Biblical Studies and Theology, and we are so very proud of him and the calling on his life.  It was a glorious day!

 I don't think Justin could smile any bigger!  The happy man is shown here with his sweetheart, Amira. who travelled all the way from Egypt to be at Justin's graduation.
Justin, his proud parents, and his tired nephew.
"Don't worry, Dad was only joking.  The tuition check didn't bounce - you really did graduate."
Justin with his proud grandparents, Bob and Kathy Albin.
Alan, Kristin, and boys got up EARLY to drive to Chattanooga and see their brother walk.
The early start has caught up to Patrick, and Papa is happy to oblige him.
The next day, back at the house, we continued the celebration on the front porch with hamburgers and gift and card opening.  If you look closely, you will see that the Logo on Justin's shirt is for Cairo Covenant School where he will be teaching history next year.  We are truly amazed at our son and all he has done, all he is doing, and all he will do as he follows God's calling on his life!


gailbhyatt said...

Congratulations to Justin. I know you are SO proud of him.

Sola Gratius said...


Congratulations to Justin and to you (and John) at this joyous occasion! Your covenantal faithfulness over the years . . . God's marvelous grace. . . Justin's hard work and perseverance . . .thanks be unto God.

And the best part - now he gets to take all that he has become (and is becoming) and impart grace to the students and families of Cairo Covenant School as he fulfills the call. Joy unspeakable.