Friday, May 22, 2009

Commencement Continues!

One week following Justin's graduation from Covenant College, his cousin, Joey Albin, graduated from Belmont University here in Nashville.  We had a whole week of graduation celebrations here!  It was really fun to have the boys graduate in such close proximity since they had been such good buds growing up.  
Joey and sisters, Erin and Courtney, help prepare for the party.
Mama Pops, Amira and her sister, Joanna, join in the festivities.
Sister-in-law Kathryn, hard at work preparing more food for the party.
                                                                Justin and Pops.
Justin and Joey with their proud grandparents.


Aunt Ruth said...

It is so great to see these guys complete some very important steps on their journey through life.

And the tomato completed it's journey and is planted in my garden. Thank you. Maybe it will have tomatoes for the reunion, or maybe not.

Linda said...

I'm so glad the tomato made it! It survived Ladybug's rooting around, so it must be hardy. I hope it's fruitful in your garden, and I'm really glad to think that a little of my garden is now in yours!

tt said...

Loved the pictures of the graduates! Such good lookers! And both they and the grandparents beaming with pride of each other. So nice.
Congrats to the boys and the parents!