Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Studies

In the next several postings, I will be doing some photographic studies of springtime at High Meadow Farm.  I have mostly studies of flora, but hope to have more on fauna as the opportunities arise.  It seems that the calves next door never show up when I have my camera, but I'll keep trying!

"... a heaven on earth: for blissful paradise
Of God the garden was, by him in the east
Of Eden planted;"  

Paradise Lost, Book IV, Lines 209-210
by John Milton

Additionally, in honor of our Lord as we remember the week of His passion, I'll be posting some particularly beautiful passages from Milton, Donne, and Herbert.  It seems only fitting to me that the beauties of springtime be juxapositioned with the the rigors and sufferings of our Lord's passion, for the paradox of his work is worthy of study.  

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Bonnie said...

Wonderful paradox!
Love the passages.