Saturday, April 11, 2009

Highmeadow Blossoms and Easter Wings

In this posting, let's take a little tour of other blossoming flowers around the farm.  "Hope springs eternal" seems to be more believable in springtime itself, and "Easter Wings" tells us how.

This is the little blossoming branch of a young Peach tree that I found growing in the fence line last spring.  It's a very old wire fence, and the tree's roots are so enmeshed in the fence that I'll just try and train it up in it's place, rather than attempt uprooting it and damaging the tree.  I wonder how it came to be there?  We'll see what happens!
These are lovely, little Virginia Bluebells.  I bought them at GroWild Nursery in Fairview last spring, and when they disappeared during the summer, I thought they'd died.  But, surprise!  They reappeared better than ever!  I've now learned that they go dormant in summertime.  What a delightful little plant to look forward to each spring.
                                   Clouds and clouds of Dogwood blossoms.
"... th'violet embroidered vale ..."   ~ John Milton.    What a beautiful way to describe the hundreds upon hundred of wild Violets that lace there way through the grass.
                                              Wild Violet close-up.
Plain ol' Red Clover.  It's really a pretty little plant, I think, but boy, does it make the horses drooley!
Easter Wings 2 by George Herbert
My   tender   age   in    sorrow   did   begin:
       And still with sickness and shame
               Thou didst  so punish sin,
                       That    I   became
                             Most thin.
                             With thee
                        Let me  combine
                And feel this day thy victory:
      For, if   I   imp   my   wing   on   thine,
Affliction   shall   advance   the    flight   in  me.

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