Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More High Meadow Creatures

High Meadow has been overrun!  In our 17 years here, I've never seen soooo many caterpillars!  They are everywhere.  You can't take a step without encountering them which is really, really gross.  They're on fence rails, gate latches, door mats, you name it.  They seem especially drawn to water, so I guess they're at a very thirsty stage of development.  Fortunately, the organic pesticide I've used has kept them from my garden.  Time will tell whether they'll be butterflies or moths, but if they're butterflies we're in for a spectacular summer sight.  
                                                     Marching, marching, marching.
                                                      Caterpillars with ladybug and spider.
It's tricky getting through the walk-through without getting caterpillars on you.  
                                             Horses and caterpillars.  


Dave in Clt said...

they look like cankerworms which here in Charlotte are death to our trees, the city did aerial spraying earlier this year to kill them.

Now, red wigglers are something you should look into!

Aunt Ruth said...

I think a visit from Bobby would be a good thing. I don't have worms at my house anymore.

Linda said...

Boy, have I been wishing he were here!!

Kathryn said...

He pulled a rig to Paula's; I don't know why he can't pull a rig to your house, too. Can the worms hang around until graduation weekend? If so, we might waive the mileage fee.

Linda said...

It'd be a tax write-off, you know!