Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Justin and His Unusual Cake

A few days ago, Justin came home to celebrate his 23rd birthday.  It's not an easy thing for a mother to realize that her baby son is 23 years old (!) but we had a fun celebration and a fun weekend.
To add to the fun, big sister Kristin made a most unusual cake.  But it was a very appropriate cake for Justin who's left his heart in Egypt.  Here you can see three rice-krispy pyramids (two on a hill), the Nile River, and Egyptian fauna:  tiger, lion, and alligator!  Needless to say, we all derived a lot of entertainment from Justin's birthday cake . . . and it was good, too!
                          Here's the birthday boy and the baker of the cake.
                     Gilbert learns the joys of party blowers!  
                                       Balloons make great toys, too!
After the birthday festivities were over, all the spaghetti and cake washed from the boys and pajamas donned, Papa reads about Lowly Worm and all his friends.  Patrick thought this was great fun!
Ladybug thought this was great fun, too, and wanted to join in.  She even brought a toy!
Papa and the boys conclude a most enjoyable evening!


Anna said...

What a beautiful time, and a wonderful memory for all of you! Happy Birthday, Justin!

McClelland Family said...

Aren't y boys the cutest?! Happy Birthday Dusty Bottoms!