Thursday, February 12, 2009


Two daffodils bloomed today while winter's reach still looms.  It gives me hope that mournful hearts may yet warm and bloom to sing again.
"Sing, soul of mine, this day of days,
     The Lord is risen.
Toward the sun-rising set thy face,
     The Lord is risen.
Behold He giveth strength and grace;
For darkness, light; for mourning, praise;
For sin, his holiness; for conflict, peace.

Arise, O soul, this Easter Day!
Forget the tomb of yesterday,
For thou from bondage art set free;
Thou sharest in His victory
And life eternal is for thee,
Because the Lord is risen."

~ Anonymous

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Gail Hyatt said...

Hi Linda,

I thought I'd leave you a message here. I sent you an email but not sure I have your correct address.

I was wondering if you would send me John's contact information.

Thanks so much,