Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're Havin' a Heat Wave

It's warming up!  This morning we awoke to a balmy 20 degrees.  Balmy you say?  Absolutely when compared with yesterday's morning temperature of 2 degrees!  As you know from math classes, zeros are significant.  We've been working hard to keep horses, cats, and rabbits with liquid water (vs. frozen water) and plenty of food.  Liquid water has been the most challenging of the two, but this year I found a new tool - hallelujah!
Here are the remains of emptied water buckets from stalls.  We have to stand on top of the inverted buckets and jump on them to get the ice to come out, always followed by a whooosh of what unfrozen water remains.  This is one way to make your own little ice rink.Here's the latest and greatest for keeping horses (and other creatures) watered in sub-freezing temps:  a heated muck bucket!!  Hooray!  No more chopping ice every two hours down at the water trough!  I just love this blue bucket.  Note the protected extension cord so it can be plugged in.  This picture of nice liquid water was taken at the same time as all the ice pictures - at about 20 degrees.Here's the water trough with it's frozen chunks of ice.  Hooray for heated muck buckets!!

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