Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deep Wounds

Our human lives are full of daily challenges, difficulties, and problems, but there are a few wounds that strike so deeply that our lives are forever changed.  They become little monuments that mark the "before" and "after" in our lives.  

In the spring of 2002, I was happily and successfully rolling right along in my occupation of training and competing my horse.  The years of training were paying off, and I was having a great time.  Then a tumor was discovered on the lower part of my spinal cord and that was the end of that.  After an extensive surgery (after which it was determined that the tumor was benign, thank the Lord) I had a long period of recovery in which I literally had to learn to walk again.  But, at least I could walk; and even today I am back in the saddle if only for a nice trail ride.  Not a day passes, however, that I am not in some degree of pain.  Your body doesn't simply forget that kind of invasion of the surgeon's knife.  The muscles in my back will never be the same, they have been forever altered.  But, I am grateful.

In late autumn of this past year, after months of happy expectations, Cameron Beau was born and lived among us for 8 days.  The experience of loving him and losing him didn't kill us, but we are having to learn to walk again.  The wound in our hearts and minds is extensive and not simply forgotten.  I'm guessing that even as we heal, each day will bring its degree of sorrow; but we will never be the same, we are forever altered.  And, I am grateful.  

At the end of an age, God's people were anticipating their Messiah - the King who would restore the throne of David and rescue them from the oppression of Rome.  The Messiah did indeed come, but not as anticipated. Instead, He suffered deep wounds.  Wounds for our transgressions.  Those wounds did kill Him, but not for long, for after three days He rose again - and we are forever altered.  History, nor we, will ever be the same.  And, I am forever grateful.  

"I find crosses Christ's carved work that he marketh out for us, and that with crosses he figureth and portrayeth us to his own image, cutting away pieces of our ill and corruption.  Lord cut, Lord carve, Lord wound, Lord do anything that may perfect thy Father's image in us, and make us meet for glory."

"Scar not at suffering for Christ:  For Christ hath a chair, and a cushion, and sweet peace for a sufferer."
~ Samuel Rutherford

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