Monday, September 1, 2008

Patrick Turns One!

On August 31st, our dear baby Patrick turned one year old.  While some of us marveled at how an infant grows and prospers in one year's time, others just had fun at the party!
And what better way to party on a hot, sticky August afternoon than with wading pools, slip'n'slides, and trampolines?
Though Uncle Justin and Auntie K. have outgrown kiddie pools, they enjoyed themselves nevertheless.         Patrick is wowed by all the cool toys he was given!Elizabeth shows Patrick how to hold a football while Gilbert gives the xylophone a test drive.No, the cage is not for naughty children while the others get to eat, it is a miniature petting zoo with a bunny and a kitten.It's a little overwhelming when everyone gathers round to look at you and sing to you!However, it's easy to know how to handle the cake situation!            Happy birthday, dear Patrick; we love you!


Gail Hyatt said...

Looks like such a fun day. I noticed all the festivities while driving to church - balloons, etc. Almost pulled in.

Also, ... for some reason I keep noticing the dogs in the photos. Do you have a shepherd now? THey are my absolute favorite.


Linda said...

Shepherds are great dogs, and we've had Darby almost 10 years now. She's the fetchaholic you may remember. :-) And you are welcome to pull in anytime!