Friday, June 6, 2008

I Am No Man

It has bemused me over the last few years as to how God will occasionally call women to engage in the world of the battles of men.   As was said by Eowyn in Return of the King, "I am no man."  

Indeed, my shoulders are not so broad as to carry such weight as does a man; nor my heart so fortified.  Yet there I've been and here I am still, and only God knows the why of it.  My heart's desire is to follow where He leads, and it leads to some mighty tough places.  

One of the blessings of this walk has been found in that world of men itself, for I have found faithful, stalwart brothers, whom I trust with my very life.  They are friends in every aspect of meaning.  A gift from the Lord.  I am no man, but the Lord gives courage and strength to all His children, men and women alike, for the tasks He calls them to.  

"Hopeful contentment in the face of never ending responsibilities is a virtue that continually breeds in us anticipation for new beginnings, not old resolutions.  It is a virtue that provokes us to a fresh confidence in the present as well as in the days yet to come.  The question is how do we reclaim that glorious heritage?  By walking in grace, by walking together."   ~ Charles Spurgeon

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