Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Grandpa Turns 80!

Grandpa, also known as Dad, Orv, or Great-Grandpa, recently became an Octogenarian!  To celebrate this worthy event, the family gathered in San Diego and Coronado for a days-long celebration with lots of fun and lots of food.  And lots and lots of food!

Dad with his three children; Connie, John, and Jim, looking through photographs of by-gone days.  They look pretty serious.  It must be a photo of when everyone was 20 pounds lighter.  Except Connie, of course.
Here's Great-Grandpa on the day of his party with his two littlest boys.
Four Generations!!!  From youngest to eldest:  Patrick, Gilbert, Kristin, John, and Orv.
               Dad with his three kids on Coronado.
Grandpa with all his grandchildren except Amanda, who was missed very much!
                    Lovely Molly with her birthday boy.
The other beautiful Scherrer sisters:  Laura, Sarah, and Lisa.
                               He doth protest too much.
Gilbert enjoys his vantage point atop Uncle Eric's shoulders.
A beautiful San Diego sunset makes for a great photo of Grandpa and the kids.

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