Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving of a Different Sort

It has been 32 years since there were no children at our Thanksgiving table. This startling thought occurred to us a few short weeks ago (funny how things sneak up on you that way) and we began to ponder how to celebrate a Thanksgiving that was bound to be different no matter what we did. We don't live near any family, so that wasn't an option; but we do have numerous friends that we could gather with if we wanted to, but it began to dawn on us that it just might be pleasant to celebrate on our own - just the two of us. And a couple of dozen animals. Now this idea didn't derive from "Woe are we - our children are flown", but a recognition that we are truly grateful for what God has done in our own lives in these past two years. We have seen that true abundance is found in Christ, just as His Word promises.
So, we are doing farm chores, preparing a feast, preparing a Christmas box for our children in Germany, eating delights, relaxing, doing more chores, eating again, and relaxing again. We are thankful, for those things and for much, much more ....
Horses munching evening hay.
The soft clucking of chickens.
The comic lives of the Guinea Fowl.
Beautiful autumn colors.
Flower beds prepared for winter.
The strong south wind promising coming cold.A cup of fresh ground coffee and pecan pie (made by John!)
The fresh free-range turkey in the oven.
The first of the Christmas baking already in the kitchen.
The dogs out in the yard gnawing on their own treats.
For dear family.
For friends old and new.
For our grand-blessings who never fail to delight us.
For the newest grand-blessing who is soon to arrive.
For our grand-blessing who awaits us in heaven, along with our own grandparents.

For the Word of God who daily feeds us.
For the loving-kindness of our Father Who redeems all things.
For the work on the cross of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
For the Holy Spirit, who daily guides and leads us.

Lord, for all these things and more may we ever be thankful to Thee.

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