Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Funny Babes

I found four day-planner calendars recently while looking for some old yearbooks and photographs. They date from 1983-1986, years that my two eldest were very young and when my third-born arrived. Looking through these calendars with all my ordinary day-to-day notes was sure a trip down Memory Lane! It was poignant and surprising ... how did I manage to get all that stuff done with multiple little children?? It makes me tired just reading it! One thing, though, that tickled me greatly was reading my occasional comment about what one of the children said that day.

Kristin: says "Bye-bye" while walking away.
Candy canes are "K-k's" or "Cuppy-cuppy"
Santa Clause is "Tanta Cause"
Jingle Bells is "DeeBoBo"
Gingerbread Men are "Dindo-mah-bey"
It's pretty clear that Kristin's lingual abilities really kicked in about Christmastime.
Eric, 4, wanted to "kill some Easter eggs" that year .... meaning that he wanted to dye them. 'Kill', 'dye'... you know.

Eric: "I have two arm-skulls!" Skulls meaning bones - I laughed about that one for awhile.
About Peaches, our dog: "Peaches is broke-housen." Of course, I still talk like that to this day.

Kristin comments about Eric who is hiding: "We don't have a little boy any more!"
Kristin: In April - "Can we have a Christmas Hunt?" meaning that she wanted to hide candy canes and hunt for them.
In December - "When do we get to gun the Easter Eggs?" She apparently hadn't gotten the holiday traditions
straightened out, and she got stuck on the dye word, too, just like her brother did.
Eric: (And this just cracked me up.) "O Lord, your kingdom is good and indigestible!"

Upon learning they had a baby brother:
Eric: "Does he like jets?"
Kristin: "I knew it was a boy."
Some things just never change.

I wish I'd written more things down over the years, and sometime perhaps I'll find some other notes while I'm looking for something. A little while back I saw a small notebook that was devoted to writing down kids' sayings, so I bought one for Kristin since her boys are at the age of uttering those entertaining things. In 25 years or so, I know she'll get a good laugh when she reads that little notebook.

In closing, let me share with you some recent cute quotes from my young grandsons.
Gilbert, age 4: "The moon isn't plugged in. It doesn't have batteries, either."
Patrick, age 3: "C'mere, Bobert!" (translation: Come here, Gilbert!)
I know we're going to have many more years of entertainment out of the mouths of babes! Now, what are some favorite sayings of your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews? Please, entertain us!


Kathryn said...

Courtney was always singing the wrong words to songs. My favorite was "I just wanna use your gold." (I just wanted you to know) And from a song about a girl the guy saw at an auction "Shes a ten-eyed goat" (she's an 8, she's a 9, she's a 10, I know)

Linda said...

LOL!! I love the 10-eyed goat! And does Justin know about that subconscious lyric of "I just wanna use your gold"????

Kermit and Elektra said...

What a good idea! I need to have one of those for O!

Paula said...

10 eyed goat...bwahhahahahaha!

Singing to "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" was "Gypsies, crabs and peas..."