Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meeting Omari

Omari has been a busy boy since he arrived in Franklin. Family has been at the top of the reception line, and he's also had a virtual parade of friends bearing gifts dropping by to "ooh" and "ahh" and welcome him.

Here's Papa John holding his latest grandson who has, of course, dressed appropriately for the occasion!
Aunt Kristin was the very first to meet Omari since she bribed Nana and Mommy with coffee and Christmas cookies to stop by her apartment on the way into town from Kansas! It worked.
Here we have Uncle Justin showing off his littlest nephew. Uncles are great for teaching their nephews how to wrestle and run and high-five.
Gilbert is finally getting to hold his little cousin and he's so pleased! He'll also do a pretty good job teaching Omari about wrestling and all that boy-stuff, too! 2-year-old Patrick also got to meet his new cousin, but he just couldn't manage to stay still enough for a photo.
Uncle Jerry and Aunt Patty brought Aunt Lorelei and Grandad to meet Omari, and spend a pleasant afternoon visiting and admiring the latest family member. The aunties had a lot of fun baby-shopping, and Omari definitely benefitted!
Aunt Lorelei snuggles with Omari. What a blessed baby boy, he is to have so many who love him, and he's looking forward to meeting all the rest of his very large family!

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Teresa said...

Sweet child. There is nothing as sweet as holding a new little family member. Waiting for my turn!