Saturday, October 31, 2009

Birthdays and Jump-jumps

Last week John and I had the great joy of having ALL of our children and grandchildren under our roof and round our table. It was wonderful! We had lots of fun occasions with one of them being Kristin's birthday. In fact, these are about all the photos I took of our gathering - I was too busy having fun. So girls, send me some of yours, okay?

The cake has arrived! Katie made a white cake with peach filling - delicious!
My fun-loving three!
Sisters. They were being silly sisters to be sure!
Eric and Kelly enjoying the moment.
Waaay back in 1990, we surprised the kids with a trampoline for Christmas. Katie was two years old - about to turn 3, at the time. Flash forward 19 years and here's Katie on the very same trampoline! We can't believe it's still useable. Gilbert calls it the "Jump-jump", and he, too, has loved it since he was 2. (But, of course that's only been one year!)

Here are Katie and Gilbert having a grand old jump-jump time.
No longer air-borne.
The final three shots are of Gilbert doing his thing on the jump-jump. Since he has 100x more energy than all of us put together, we ALL love the jump-jump!

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Bonnie said...

Missed seeing you today.
Back home with the early dusk as we crossed over the mountains.
The Lord be with you this week.