Sunday, March 29, 2009

...Out Like a Lamb?

March certainly came in like a lion, but isn't so sure she's going to go out like a lamb.  At least we've got two more days to find out, and I sure hope she decides to be lamb-like.
Yesterday, after days of warm, rainy weather, the skies cleared beautifully and we were all enjoying the brilliant afternoon; when suddenly out of nowhere, huge cells erupted and swept through middle Tennessee and Kentucky one after the other.  Though the tornado sirens went off (just when did they install sirens out here??) and funnels and hail were apparent in areas, we fortunately escaped with only rain, wind, and a spectacular cloud show.

                                      Here is one of the cells roaring past us.
                                       It just skirts us to the west . . . 
                                             . . . continues to fly by . . .                                              . . . and blows on past.However, the next cell got us.  But, it wasn't nearly as photographically interesting.  Now for some lamb-like weather, please?


Bonnie said...

I have a feeling THAT is your driveway. My heart and mouth went OHHHHHHHH~~~ when your blog came up!
Absolutely beautiful.


Linda said...

You're right, Bonnie, it's our driveway, and it was such a beautiful evening.
Continuing down the road, are many long, winding driveways going up from our valley road that are lined with Bradford Pear trees, so in spring it looks like there are little strings of cloud puffs everywhere. It's beautiful.