Friday, March 6, 2009

Campaign of Hope?

President Barak Hussein Obama's bid for the Presidency included campaign slogans of "Hope", "Change", and "Yes, we can!"  Well, we've got change, alright; but it's not what many people assumed it would be, which shows that you can't take simple rhetoric simply.  So, we have "Change", but what happened to "Hope" and "Yes, we can?"  There's been nothing but gloom and doom and "you can't do anything about it, the government has to" in every speech I've heard Obama give.  
Today President Obama gave another speech - this one to a graduating Police Academy class in Ohio.  We all know that graduation speeches are intended to inspire and uplift the graduates as they prepare to go and do what they've been prepared to go do.  This particular class, however, heard nothing like that at all.  They heard, "I don't need to tell this graduation class that your job might be next.." and the President continued his continuing campaign oration.

Mr. President, that's not how leaders lead.  Leaders inspire, encourage, cheer, and motivate. More importantly leaders serve, listen, and pay attention to the needs of those they're leading. That last sentiment can be echoed to the entire Congress as well.  We need Leaders, not just political campaigners with false premises and false promises.


Anonymous said...

You must have heard a different speech than I did. PRESIDENT Obama rightly described the reality left by the failed right wing economic policies - that anyones job might be next while the tax cut receiving millionaires wait out the recession on their yachts. If you had paid attention their jobs were SAVED by the economic stimulus bill.

I don't know about you but I think we just may need firemen, police, teachers, etc. to make the civilized world continue to run.

Watch the speech again. This time, listen with an open mind. PRESIDENT Obama is inspiring millions of people with hope and a call to action to fix the devastation left by the neo-con disaster.

And if it isn't already obvious... he is the President. He is NOT campaigning.

Linda said...

Dear Anon - I certainly agree with you that the Bush economic policies got us in a world of trouble, but instead of throwing water on the fire, Obama has thrown, and is throwing, gasoline.
Of course, we need firemen, etc. I don't know where you got the idea that I don't. Statistically speaking, there are no statistics at this time to tell how many jobs the Stimulus package has saved, but we can see how many jobs have been lost in this economic meltdown. and continue to be lost as confidence plummets.
Though I detest corruption in any realm - Wall Street, political, anything - and believe that corruption should be dealt justice, many millionaires out there are selling their yachts and planes pretty quickly these days, though there's hardly a market left for them. And don't forget that it's those folks and industries that employ the VAST majority of the rest of us folks. They go down, we go down. It's that simple.
And, I must continue to disagree re inspiration - the general public is full of fear, I see and hear it in all arenas except the leftist pundits. The new Tea Party organizations are just one example of it.
Thanks for reading my blog.

Linda said...

P.S. - Dear Anon, Feel free to leave your real name. I don't name-call or attack those who happen to have differing opinions from my own. I'm only interested in a truly honest conversation. Thanks.

Teresa said...

Anyone leading needs to inspire and aspire. Negative, doom and gloom pronouncements, do not do either. If President Obama wants us to pull together, he needs to quit pulling us apart.

Teresa said...

I also think it's interesting that everyone commenting here or elsewhere, when trying to argue the point anyone conservative has left, drags out the "we inherited it" argument. Didn't Bush inherit a mess? Did we hear about it then? or did we just get down to business?