Monday, February 23, 2009

Is Sorrow a Sin?

I don't like the world I'm living in right now.  It hurts, and I don't know that there is an end to it.  Babies aren't supposed to die.

 A wise uncle recently told me that you don't get over these kinds of things, but you do learn to live with them.  Is there room in my worldview for living with sorrow?  Is it wrong as a Christian to live with the overshadowing of sorrow in everything I think, do, and say?  Am I becoming the proverbial wet rag in my fellowship of friends?  There are no pat answers to the hard questions, but Tony Woodief's recent article in World Magazine explores the question:  "Is sorrow a sin?"

If you are living in that greying shadow, I hope that this article is a comfort to you, too.

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