Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beautiful Beaufort by the Bay

Driving from Savannah along the coast to New Bern to visit our children is an absolutely beautiful drive, except for the one spot in North Carolina where part of the commercial crass of Florida was extracted and deposited.  It's called Myrtle Beach, but I digress.  South Carolina was particularly beautiful, and I think that every neighborhood lane, every avenue, every country road must be overhung with stately, mossy oaks.  The coastal Carolina architecture with it's soft, cool colors is a delight to see.  There was a photo-op at every turn on the trip, but I was only quick enough to capture to amazing bridge that spans the bay at Charleston.
Little Beaufort is a little Colonial-era jewel tucked away on the bay.  Closely opposite its shore is Carrot Island where wild horses from the Spanish galleon days still roam free.  The homes in this seaside village are absolutely beautiful.  The photo below is of homes that front the harbor and bay.  By the way, in North Carolina, Beaufort is pronounced "Bow-fort" while in South Carolina, it is pronounced "Bew-fort".Following an afternoon of surfing and lolling on the beach, we enjoy the quiet pleasantness of Beaufort in the evening.                  Personal water transportation.A window of one of the many fabulous restaurants in Beaufort.                          A leisurely stroll to dinner.

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