Saturday, May 3, 2008

Old Testimony

We're familiar with the old phrase, "If only these walls could speak", but when I look at old church buildings, the phrase rises to new heights.  Who were the people that founded these churches?  What were the particular callings on their lives as they sought to establish Christianity in that place?  How did God lead them, and how did He answer their prayers?  We can be sure that His covenant with them, and with His people centuries and millenia before, is the same for us today.  We still plant churches in foreign culture and reclaim the land a little at a time.
This is the Bayou Pierre Presbyterian Church, organized here in 1807.  
This is Bethel Presbyterian Church, a Greek Revival style church built in 1843 and had been in use until one year ago.  It was beautifully kept despite having no congregation.

                 Papa and Gilbert in the Bethel churchyard.
                                 Inside Bethel.
                                                    So long!!

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