Friday, May 30, 2008

Hey, Hey, Hay!

No, Fat Albert didn't drop in, but we got a nice, fat harvest of hay!  Off of approximately 7 1/2 acres, 6 of it being grazed upon, we got 280 bales.  The front 1 1/2 acres yielded most at 180 bales, but it didn't have our little trio eating on it, and that ground has always grown better grass than the field out back.  

We were thinking about trying for a second cutting until yesterday when Justin, as he was weed-eating the fenceline, came upon a 6-foot Diamond Back!!!  Fortunately, his encounter was without incident.  I think we'll be keeping those fields SHORT this summer!
       One of the 2 1/2 flatbed loads of hay.

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Ruth said...

What no snake pics???And is the blog now going to be short grass meadow lady? :>)