Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Runnin' Cousins

Cousin Ray and daughter Jordan recently ran the Austin Marathon together!  As you can imagine, this was a big event in the Cousin Club Chronicles.  Ray said, "We finished the marathon in 4:15.  I really held Jordan back.  She could have done 3:50 easy.  We're pretty sure she's the youngest Type 1 (diabetic) to ever finish a marathon.  The other youngest person we can find is 24.  Jordan is 14."  Hooray, Jordan!  The family e-mail trails were all lit up with congratulations to the two, with pretty much everyone saying how wonderful Jordan looked post-marathon, and Dad looked ..... well... proud!  He's no slouch, either, though, as our only Iron Man cousin.  Congratulation, you two!!  Well done!

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