Friday, January 18, 2008

Weighing the Baby

Welcome to little Lydia Mae, newest granddaughter of dear friends Randy and Susan. Lydia arrived yesterday in Germany, and isn't she a lovely little rosebud?

How many pounds does baby weigh?

"Baby" who came a while ago;

How many pounds from crowning curl

To rosy point of the restless toe?

Nobody weighed the baby's smile,

Or the love that came with the helpless one.

Nobody weighed the threads of care

From which a human life is spun.

Nobody weighed the baby's soul,

For here on earth no weights there be

That could avail;

God only knows its value through eternity.

Oh Mother, sing your merry note!

Oh Father, laugh, but don't forget

From baby's eyes looks out a soul

To be in Eden's light reset!
~ Ethel Lynn


Susan said...

Thank you, dear friend! We are grateful for the Lord's goodness in giving us children and grandchildren!


McClelland Family said...